Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maternity Portraits

My amazing friend, Nicole, did my maternity portraits the weekend before Josiah was born.  Of course, we had no idea he'd be coming early, and so I am especially grateful that Nicole squeezed us into her calendar.  

It was so surreal to take these pictures, and there were several times that I teared up.
Thank you, Nicole, for capturing this precious part of our family's journey.

I love this picture~such a treasure to me 

I love this one for Emma's expression--I see this little smile all day long!

This is what Isaac thought of pictures at this point...  :)

I cannot believe this boy will be in kindergarten this fall!

this is SUCH an Isaac face!

our little princess!

Friday, April 17, 2015

all about that hair!

We are crazy about Josiah's hair!  "He has a LOT of hair" is the second thing Dave told me when Josiah was born--the first was that he was a boy!
Everyone--really, everyone--comments on it.  A lady at Trader Joe's stopped me and said, "Look at all his hair!" as if I didn't know!  Ha!   

And, I had the same hair at birth!  

We love this little guy to pieces! 

Life is very busy and full right now, and we wouldn't want it any other way.  I can't wait to share Josiah's birth story, but for now I'll leave you with one more favorite picture from Easter.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Texas Snow!

Considering we live in Texas, we have been surprised at how much snow we've received the past few weeks.  Even more surprising is how late in the season it all came!  

Two weeks ago, we woke up to snow on a Monday morning.  After breakfast and chores, Emma ran to get dressed to go outside in the snow.  THIS is what she put poor girl clearly doesn't know what appropriate snow attire is!  :)  My favorite part is that she's wearing her gold sparkle shoes.  

And, since I was taking pictures, Isaac joined in.  

I don't think Isaac could ever get enough of the snow!  Emma loves it too, but she doesn't ever last as long as Isaac.  She usually says, "It's's 'fweezing' outside."  

Dave took the kids on several sled rides around the neighborhood.  Their favorite place to sled was the icy cul-de-sac at the end of our street.   

They also went on a long walk to the park to stomp around in the snow there.  (I can barely see any snow in this picture, either!  But, when we get any amount of snow, nearly everything shuts down until all the ice is melted.)

We had more snow at the end of the week.  Dave was out of town at a men's retreat, and I was having some very "exciting" pregnancy symptoms (read: I was imagining that I may have to get to the hospital in quasi-blizzard conditions).  My dad was so kind to come and spend the night with us.  He played out in the snow with the kids the next morning.  When he left, they both just sobbed and sobbed.  I didn't feel safe going outside since it was so icy, and playing outside without a dad or a grandpa just isn't as much fun.  :)  My dad saved the day when he came back a few minutes later with doughnuts for us all.  :)

After doughnuts and warming up outside, Isaac went back outside to explore while Emma napped.  You know you're raising kids in Texas when your son says, "We have 6 feet, 7 feet, one hundred feet of snow!"  Oh, Isaac!  :)  I may be from Minnesota, but I get just as excited about the snow as Isaac does!  

Isaac and I made chocolate chip snow ice cream.  :)

Dave came home from his retreat, and he and the kids built this snowman in the backyard.
Isaac named him "dirty Harry"....because he's dirty and hairy (grassy) since the kids had played in the snow SO much.  

As if that wasn't enough snow...we had MORE snow this past week.  We woke up on Thursday morning to nearly 5 inches of snow!  

Apparently, this is the most snow we've received in DFW in the month of March since the 1940's.  

Can you see what the kids spelled in the snow?  

I absolutely loved having all my people home with me for our many snow days.  And, when the kids and Dave weren't outside playing in the snow, Dave was so sweet and worked on my mile-long nesting list.  :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emma's Princess Parties

We invited some of Emma's little friends over on Valentine's Day for a princess tea party.

This is my Grandma Sorbel's tea cup, and it sat at Emma's place setting.  My Grandma passed away last Valentine's Day, so this was especially sweet to me.

The princesses picked out jewels when they arrived.
Dave wrapped a series of three boxes within each other, and the princesses (and Isaac) each took turns going around in a circle and unwrapping as much as they could while the music played...that didn't last too long.  :)
It worked much better to just have a free-for-all--everyone unwrapped at once!
There were light-up wands for everyone inside the smallest box.

Happy Birthday, dear Emma!

Freeze dancing to "princess" music from "The Nutcracker" was a huge hit!

Emma loves opening presents!  She squealed as she opened every gift!

Our dear friend, Shamron, came to the party to help with the games and take pictures.  Someone snatched the camera away from her so she could be in a photo, too!  :)  Shamron gave Emma and me adorable matching heart shirts!  

Last weekend, we had our family over for dinner to celebrate Emma's birthday.

Emma put her crown right on Pop's head.  

We discovered that our little princess really doesn't love being the center of attention.  She didn't even want to blow out her candles by herself.  Of course, Isaac and Pop were ready to help.  :)

We loved celebrating our birthday girl!

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