Wednesday, January 7, 2015

28 Weeks

I had a sonogram on Monday morning.  Though Dave thought he might be able to meet me, he wasn't able to in the end.  So, it was the first time I've ever gone to a sonogram by myself.  In the past, the idea of going into a sonogram alone made me so nervous.  Now, though, baby is moving so much, which is a great reassurance!  Plus, Joe, the sonographer, knows our case really well.  I've lost track of how many sonograms we've had with Joe during this pregnancy, and we now feel like he's our family friend.  And, he was just about as excited as I was that he couldn't find the pocket of blood!  He looked and looked all around, and then he finally said, "I just don't see it anywhere!"  

In addition to checking out the status of the pocket of blood, I also got to see baby again!  Baby's head is still tucked under my ribs on the right side.  Joe checked baby's heart and stomach.  Baby's heartbeat was steady and strong at 161 beats per minute.   Joe measured baby's tibia bones and confirmed that baby is 2 lbs, 10 ounces.  I asked him twice if he was sure baby was that big!  (I also asked the nurse later, too.)

When I met with my doctor, she said, "Our baby is looking perfect!  I'll see you in three weeks!"  I timidly asked, "What am I supposed to do until then?" and she answered, "Whatever you want!"  I am off of bedrest!  And, I have started nesting like crazy!  (If only you could see the master to-do list I made after my sonogram.)  :) 

While I am so thankful to be up and enjoying my last trimester, I am mostly thankful for God's protection over baby.  There were so many weeks when both my doctor and the sonographer would say, "At this point we just wait…bleeds this big usually go away…but this is day at a time."  I'm so grateful to our Ultimate Healer and His protection over baby, even when the pocket of blood was much, much bigger than baby.

**best moment of this week*
I woke up to feeling hiccups on Sunday morning!  It was precious.  I counted around 12 or 13 rhythmic little hiccups under my right ribs.  It's also sweet knowing exactly where baby's head is.  And, I also know where baby's feet are since baby kicks a lot now!  And, I wouldn't trade those middle-of-the-night kicks for anything.

**food cravings**
NONE!  I haven't craved anything the past few weeks.  I seem to have now have the opposite problem--nothing really sounds good, until it's in front of me.  My brother-in-law offered to bring us take-out from any restaurant we wanted the other night, and I couldn't think of one restaurant that sounded good.  He ended up bringing me my first-trimester favorite, crab wontons from Pei Wei.  Once they were here, I loved them!  :) 

 I have sorted through all our newborn boy and girl clothes.  My favorites are still in our room until I wash them.  Emma loves picking up random pieces of clothing and saying, "I give this to the baby.  The baby love this shirt."  

I knit both Isaac & Emma hats for Christmas, but the sizing on both was wrong.  I was able to fix Isaac's by adding a few more rows.  I put Emma's hat on her head to see if I could somehow modify it, but she took it off and handed it right back to me.  She said, "You can give it to the baby."  Emma always refers to the baby as a "she," while Isaac lets us know that he really needs a brother.  He even cried about it a few weeks ago and said, "But Mommy, I just need a brother, because I need another wrestler to wrestle with Daddy."  While I was sorting the newborn clothes in our room, Isaac sat beside me and said, "I really wish we were having two babies.  But, one is good too."  
Isaac and Emma wanted to give the baby stickers
23 weeks at the doctor's office (December 4, 2014)
baby weighed 1 lb, 3 ounces
24 weeks at the doctor's office (December 11, 2014)
the pocket of blood was significantly smaller at this appointment--only 5 cm long and less than 1 cm  in height

26 weeks on Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014! 

My sister and her husband flew in on Christmas Eve day, and our Christmas festivities started late that afternoon with my mom's traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  We all loved her Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.  :)
I love this family!  

Last year, I had Isaac and Emma pick out gifts for each other, but I didn't have any plans of that this year being on bed rest.  The day before Christmas Eve, Isaac went to Target with our babysitter, Paris, to get a few groceries.  Before I went to bed that night, I went to check on him.  Isaac was wide awake and said, "Mom, Paris wouldn't let me buy Lambie Band-Aids at Target today for Emma.  And it was my only chance to buy Emma a present for Christmas."  My heart just about broke!  I explained that Paris was only supposed to buy what was on the list, so it wasn't her fault.  The next morning I asked Paris to take Isaac back to Target to buy the BandAids for Isaac to give to Emma.  He also picked out a reindeer ornament and reindeer gift bag to wrap them in.  When Isaac got home, he found tissue paper, wrote both his and Emma's name on the gift tag, and stuffed the ornament & BandAids in the bag.  I am pretty sure this was my very favorite gift of Christmas.   
(I wish these pictures weren't so blurry!)  
giving Emma her special gift
"Thank you, Isaac!" 
 Emma loved the BandAids!  She loved opening them and applying them to everyone's imaginary owies, and the box was empty by the next day.  :)
Since Isaac had a gift for Emma, we quickly switched one of the gifts that was originally from David and me and had Emma give it to Isaac.

It was a Schleich flying dragon to accompany the castle Isaac received from us, and he loves it!

dishcloths I knit for Mom

When Isaac saw that I was knitting dishcloths, he asked if I would knit him a green hat.  I would do anything for this boy! 
Isaac and Emma were so excited to open their hats!  
And, I need to add a few more rows to both of their hats--but especially Emma's!

Christmas Eve aftermath!

We spent the night at my parents on Christmas Eve!
Dave took this picture before we went to bed on Christmas Eve.  I just can't get enough of sleeping pictures of my kids--so sweet.  

Our family opens most of our gifts on Christmas Eve, but we each saved one gift for Christmas morning.  I love how my mom wrote Isaac's name on this gift!

This gift was a huge, remote-controlled crane that was a HIT--Dave and my dad operated it just as much as Isaac.  ;)
watching a Christmas sing-along while waiting for Christmas dinner

Kym, Bernie, Amanda, Jon, Nate, Anna, and my friend Shamron all came for Christmas dinner.  
I remember sitting on the piano bench at the end of the table at family dinners with my cousins.  Isaac was so excited to sit next to Amanda on the piano bench!

My dad has been talking about the Christmas Day pool jump for weeks!  This was Isaac's first time jumping, though he couldn't wait for the actual jump.  Isaac jumped in--and right back out--a few times before everyone ran and jumped.


One of Emma's favorite gifts was her pink jacket from Uncle Nate!  It is a pink Carhartt, and Nate also bought Isaac a new Carhartt since he has outgrown the last one Nate gave him. 

Shamron gave me this scarf on Christmas Day.  The Scripture on it says, "Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her" (Luke 1:45).  I gave Shamron her scarf a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present.  I'm thankful for this friend & for how much she loves our family!

These three little cousins were quite the entertainers on Christmas Day!  They laughed, played, practiced sharing their new toys, ran around the yard, and only had a few squabbles.  :)

Nate and Anna came home with us at the end of Christmas Day to spend the night.  Isaac was especially excited because Uncle Nate slept on his bottom bunk…but not until Isaac convinced him to read at least five stories from one of his new books.  

Nate and Anna helped Dave clean all the leaves from our yard the next morning.  After that, they relaxed and watched another of Isaac's animal documentaries.  

Before Emily and Caleb returned home to Chicago, we spent a lot of time together playing card games, and we even watched some of "Anne of Green Gables" (Caleb and Dave's favorite).  We all went to Rockfish for lunch yesterday.  I was so excited to be out in public!

coloring and waiting for lunch to be served

My heart is full of thankfulness for this wonderful Christmas.  Both Emily & I had our share of tears saying "goodbye" yesterday, but baby will be here the next time she visits!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 in Numbers

Our Year in Numbers

385 boxes                     Friends and family helped us move 385 boxes into our new home on New Year’s Day.  

2 wheels                        This spring Isaac learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  We were all clapping and cheering as he rode on 2 wheels to the cul-de-sac at the end of our block.  (I, of course, was also crying.)  We have since loved biking together on the miles of bike trails near our new home.

4 grandparents            Since last November, we’ve said goodbye to 4 beloved grandparents.  Both of Dave’s grandpas, along with my two grandmas, anticipated meeting their Savior for years.  We miss them dearly, but we cherish all the memories we have with them.

3 interviews                  David went through 3 interviews to secure his new job at G L Barron Construction.  David is a superintendent of commercial projects & has been challenged by learning a new field of construction.  We all love having him home every night.

218 pieces of tile          What started as a shower leak in June led to a complete master bathroom remodel that lasted six months.  After demolishing most of our bathroom, Dave designed a gorgeous new bathroom that included cutting and laying 218 pieces of tile.  The end result was worth all the dust!

156 beats per minute   Time seemed to stand still on August 18 when David & I first heard our third baby’s little heart beating at 156 beats per minute.  We are all thrilled that our next baby is due April 1, & we can’t wait to see if baby is a boy or a girl!  (Isaac’s votes for baby’s name are Flower for a sister & Buffalo for a brother.) 

1,875 granules              We trekked from our beach house to the ocean twice a day (and consequently filled our Tahoe with at least 1,875 granules of sand) during our week in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  We loved burying each other in the sand, body boarding the waves, & nighttime crab hunting. 

25 times a day              Emma says “my” at least 25 times a day.  She is especially proud to say, “You’re my mommy, that’s my daddy, and that’s my I-zee” (her nickname for Isaac).  We’re glad she is so possessive of her family!

83 questions                 Isaac asks at least 83 questions a day…many of which we have a hard time answering.  We love his curiosity!  The question we hear most often is, “Daddy, don’t you think this is a good night to wrestle?”

6 stitches                      Emma received 6 stitches on her forehead after an unfortunate fall while brushing her teeth with Daddy.  We are still in shock that Emma—NOT Isaac—was our first child we took to the ER! 

11 weeks                         As of this writing, I have spent 11 weeks on bedrest due to complications with my pregnancy.  Some days have been very long, but I’ve savored hours of reading with Isaac & Emma.  And, I taught myself how to knit & crochet via You Tube.  We have been overwhelmed with friends & family bringing meals, providing childcare, grocery shopping, and—most of all—praying for baby’s health.

We pray that your year has been filled with countless joys.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Family Christmas 2014

Today we celebrated Christmas at home with our little family!  It was such a sweet, cozy day.
Isaac raced in our room right when he woke up and yelled, "Merry Christmas!"  Then he ran downstairs to find Dave.  Dave kept him busy for a little bit reading books while I was getting ready, but Isaac finally came back upstairs and said, "Mom!  It has been so long!  We need you to come downstairs so we can start Christmas!" 
My mother-in-law made caramel pecan rolls when she was here last month, and we froze some so we could eat them today.  They were so good!  And, a friend surprised us this week with two huge bags of breakfast burritos that we also ate.
The kids opened their stockings first.  Isaac's favorite stocking stuffer was a subscription to "National Geographic Little Kids" magazine.  His first issue already arrived, so we put that in his stocking.  Both of my kids are so exuberant when they open gifts--so fun!  When Isaac pulled the first thing out of his stocking, he jumped up in the air and yelled, "This is the best Christmas ever!" 
This isn't the best picture of Emma, but she had just opened a box of rings in her stocking.  She put one on each finger and was so excited!
Opening presents!  Emma opened a bag of dress-up clothes!  Isn't she the sweetest little princess? 
This is a present Emma made us at school.  Her teacher painted her feet and had her walk all over the brown paper to make adorable wrapping paper.
The gift itself was this precious canvas made with Emma's handprints!
I am the donkey meek and mild who carried Mary great with child
I am the camel who followed the star with three wise kings from a land afar
I am the cow who offered my hay so the Savior would have a warm place to lay
I am the lamb who heard angels sing about where to find the newborn King. 
Both Emma and Isaac's birth families sent packages of gifts!  Here is Emma opening one of her new books from them.  I love how hard she concentrated opening each gift.
This year both Isaac and Emma had "big gifts" from us!  Dave and I were so excited about these presnts!
Halfway through opening, Dave and I realized they were each opening the wrong gift.  Switch!
(No, we didn't get around to gift tags this year.)  :)
Isaac's gift was a Schleich castle, and he had so much fun setting it up with Dave.  Papa and Nana gave Isaac an archer, a soldier, and two medieval kings on horses to accompany the castle.  We also gave him some new dinosaur figurines, which he insists are dragons for the castle.  Isaac's one request today was that he could have an entire day to play with his new toys, and he has done just that.  At one point, Dave was laying right next to Isaac playing with the castle, too.  :)

Emma's big gift was a Fisher Price Sweet Streets city that I found at a consignment sale for just $30 this summer.  There are so many buildings and little accessories to this city.  It took Emma a long time to pull them all out of the box, and she was so excited about each one.  Her favorite building (so far) is the movie theater, which lights up and plays a song when you press the button on the ticket booth.
We also FaceTimed with Papa and Nana in Colorado today so that they could see Isaac and Emma open the gifts they sent.  One of their gifts to Emma was a floating tea set for bathtime.  When Emma opened her tea set, they asked her what the present was.  "Mine! she said.  Papa asked again, "No, Emma, what is your present?"  "It's mine!"  :)
                 I love these sweet ornaments that Isaac & Emma made for us at school.  And, my mantle is currently displaying all the Christmas crafts the kids have brought home from school.  I have missed making crafts & projects with my kids while I've been on bedrest, so I'm happy to have these this Christmas.

Last night, we decorated gingerbread houses.  I was trying to think of Christmas-themed activities we could do as a family while I'm on bedrest, and gingerbread houses worked out perfectly!  Dave bought two kits at Trader Joes, which made set-up easy.  The kids had so much fun with them! 

Emma was so focused in attaching each piece of candy to the frosting Dave piped onto her gingerbread house.
Emma wanted Dave to put a lot of frosting in front of her house, and then she set fruit squares on top of the frosting.  She said it was all the presents.  :)

Isaac was so sure his house had to have snow in the front. He suggested powdered sugar, which we were all out of, so he used flour. This boy LOVES snow!
Isaac and Emma attend a Lutheran school where there is a lot of emphasis in daily chapel on the Holy Trinity.  Isaac said that the three little candies on the last fruit square on top of the house are for the Holy Spirit--in his words, "God, Jesus, and Heaven."  ;)
 Oh, I love these three.  And, I have loved making memories with them at home this Christmas season.
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