Monday, January 11, 2016

Josiah Dodge: 10 Months

Josiah Dodge is 10 months old today!  

Josiah weighs about 18 pounds and wears both 12 & 18 month clothing, and he is still in size 3 diapers.  Josiah's eyes are still a deep blue, and his hair is continuing to lighten.  It's not nearly as dark as it was at birth.  Every once in awhile, I think I spot a little bit of red in it.  

Through scooting on his belly and rolling, Josiah can get anywhere he wants!  He sometimes gets up on all fours, but he hasn't mastered crawling yet.  He has two very enthusiastic cheerleaders/coaches who can't wait for him to crawl!

Josiah's personality continues to be very mellow and sweet.  He is incredibly observant and is content to watch everything that's going on around him--and, with Isaac and Emma, that's usually a lot!  He has started laughing more and more.  The other night, Isaac did a somersault on his way to brush his teeth, and Josiah started laughing louder than I'd ever heard!

Josiah eats avocado, banana, applesauce, peas, squash, and sweet potatoes.  Just in the last week, he has started experimenting with puffs and mum-mum crackers--it's mostly entertainment for him, though he does get some in his mouth.  Isaac and Emma love to feed him!

I didn't even take a 9 month picture of Josiah as December was so busy!  In the last few months, he has flown to both Minnesota and Colorado.  Josiah and I traveled to Minnesota with my parents for my uncle's funeral the weekend before Christmas.  

Josiah was a great roommate at the hotel!  

Even though it was such a sad occasion, it was wonderful having Josiah along as a baby brings such joy!  
Josiah and my cousin Anna 
Josiah and my uncle Jon
Josiah and my great-aunt Audrey
And, it wasn't just my Josiah bringing smiles to others, but there was another baby Josiah from my aunt's side of the family at the funeral, too!  This Josiah is also a third child, and his mom, Sarah, and I had some great chats about learning to mother three kids (one of my favorite topics of conversation right now!).  
two Josiahs in Minnesota 
I definitely enjoyed all the extra time I had during our weekend in Minnesota with my parents.  I treasure sweet moments of seeing my parents with my children!  Here's Josiah eating sharing the Wall Street Journal with my dad.

Josiah also celebrated his first Christmas!  

We flew to Steamboat on Christmas Eve.  Just like our flight to Minnesota, Josiah was an incredibly calm and quiet baby on the flight.

Christmas Eve service in Steamboat
We spent Christmas in Steamboat with our entire Rinn family, which meant Josiah got to spend lots of time with his cousin Briggs.  (In my head, I always call him "Briggsy," since that's what Emma always calls him, too!) 

I tried so hard to get both of these baby boys smiling early on Christmas morning!

"Mom, can we please be done with pictures?"

I decided I really have adapted to being in the South, as I bought Josiah a long-all for Christmas!  I used to think smocking was just ridiculous and now I just love it!  Really, I love the baby boy in the smocking.

Over Christmas, we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain for a BBQ/square dance night!  Dave danced with Josiah for "The Hokey Pokey," and Josiah smiled this big and giggled through the entire thing!  

Josiah recently discovered that it's fun to unload cabinets!  
And, just for fun--one year ago, I was 29 weeks pregnant with Josiah!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Josiah Dodge: 7 Months Old

Look at this cutie!  We are crazy about him!

At 7 months, Josiah wears size 3 diapers and both 6 & 9 month clothing.  He generally sleeps 10 hours a night with 3 naps throughout the day.  The most exciting things that happened this last month in Josiah's world are eating and rolling!  
One evening last week, we were all eating dinner, and Josiah was squirmy, antsy, and so curious.  It seemed like he wanted to join us!  I had a baked sweet potato on my plate, so I dug a baby spoon out of the cupboard and gave him a few bites.  He loved it!  Since then, he's had avocado (his very favorite), banana, and applesauce (absolutely hates!). 

Josiah also started rolling from back to tummy.  He had only previously done tummy to back.  Today, he rolled a 360 without stopping!  Isaac and Emma love to "help" him roll...ha!  He gets a lot of "assistance" and "encouragement" from them.  

Josiah has also started echoing us when we coo or blow bubbles to him....he tries so hard to blow bubbles and is getting pretty good at them!

We love this little pumpkin!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

We had three showings on Saturday, so Dave suggested we go to the pumpkin patch.  I thought it was the perfect suggestion!  We usually go to the pumpkin patch during the week, so Dave has never been with us in the past.  Cooler, gorgeous weather has finally come to North Texas, and we are absolutely loving it!  

Emma and Isaac with the Paw Patrol characters--their new favorite show!

We didn't go to the pumpkin patch last year since I was on bedrest.  This pumpkin airplane was a new  addition!  

~my favorite little pumpkins~

Fall is just my favorite!  I loved this day so much.

Emma took the conductor's instructions to "wave at everybody you see" very seriously....she waved nearly the whole ride!  :)

We had one very tired baby boy by lunchtime.  

But, Josiah woke up in time for a big smile in our traditional spot for every baby.  :)
Time flies so quickly.  I love these babies!

I also took Emma & her friend, Tatem, to Homestead Farm last Thursday as part of their homeschool preschool.  They had so much fun in the corn pit and on the teeter-totter!  We also saw pigs, goats, & chickens.

Happy Fall!

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