Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Isaac and Emma's Week in Colorado

Last Sunday morning, we all woke up at 3:45 to go to the airport.  Dave, Isaac and Emma flew to Denver where they met Papa and Nana.  They all went swimming at the hotel where Tim and Susie stayed the previous night. After swimming and lunch, Dave flew back to Texas; and, Papa and Nana headed home to Steamboat with our kids.  We loved receiving pictures and videos of their adventures in Steamboat this past week. 

Off they go!

I talked with Susie late on Sunday evening, and she said they were just approaching Steamboat (a 3 hour drive from Denver).  I was sure the kids would sleep, since they'd been up so early that morning.  Emma had napped, but Susie said she was a bit hoarse since Isaac had talked and asked questions for the entire 3 hour ride.  :)  That's our Isaac!

bedtime stories with Nana

playing at Burgess Creek at the ski mountain

eating one of Nana's many delicious meals

When Isaac got home, I asked him which of Nana's meals was his very favorite.  He said, "Mom, I can't even tell you.  It was all so good.  It was all much better than your cooking."  I didn't take any offense to this because my mother-in-law is hands-down the best cook I know!

swinging at the park!

playing at the library

One evening, Susie & Tim hosted a backyard BBQ for the leaders and families from Susie's Bible study.  Emma became very attached to this girl named Grace.  She even came back the next day and played with Isaac and Emma for most of the day.  Isaac was very proud to tell me that he now has a friend in Colorado.  :)

On Thursday, Papa took Isaac to both the Alpine Slide and bumper cars on ice at the ice arena.  Isaac said that bumping into Papa with his bumper cars was so, so fun.  :)

To get to the Alpine Slide, you ride the chairlift to the top of the ski mountain, Howelsen Hill, and then ride a sled all the way back to the bottom.  
riding the chairlift to the top
ready to go!

When Isaac got back to Papa & Nana's, he couldn't stop talking about either one, but he especially wanted Nana to ride the Alpine Slide with him.  When Emma woke up, they all went back to the Alpine Slide.  Susie said Emma loved it and asked, "Again?  Again?"  as soon as they reached the bottom.  

checking out the livestock

One of my favorite stories from Isaac and Emma's trip happened one morning when Isaac broke something at Papa and Nana's house.  No one saw him break it, but he went and told Papa on his own.  Isaac said he was afraid to tell the truth, but he also said he knew that Papa still loved him.  

A few months ago, Tim caught on video a bear lumbering through his backyard, and Isaac watched the recording of it many times in amazement.  This caused Isaac to be very worried that a bear might break into Papa & Nana's house while he was visiting.  To help Isaac not be afraid at nighttime, Nana made up a song that Isaac has sung many, many times since returning home: "What about bears?  What about bears?  They can't climb up Papa's stairs!"  (It's still stuck in my head.)  :)

I think Isaac's favorite part of the trip was the Steamboat rodeo!  He has talked on and on about the clown who did a silly dance & the steer wrestling.

at the rodeo

two little travelers headed back to Texas with Daddy

Even though Emma isn't able to yet talk nearly as much as Isaac about her week in Colorado, I know she had a special time, too.  She laid her head twice in my lap and sobbed "Nana, Nana" on the day she got home.  

I have so many wonderful memories of vacations with my grandparents as well as sleepovers at both of their homes, and I'm so glad my children are already creating memories with both their Colorado and Texas grandparents. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Summer Weekend

My sister and her husband, Emily and Caleb, flew in last Thursday night for a long family weekend!  When I told Isaac that they were coming, he jumped out of his seat and yelled, "Do you think they'll swim with me?"  
Yes, they definitely did. :)

Isaac's new trick is somersaulting down the blow-up slide.  A few other adults tried, too.  :)
Emily taught Emma how to fill up the water gun and spray it, so you can imagine how awesome Emma thought that was!  

I'll take every snuggle I get from this girl.

an intense game of pool volleyball that involved a lot of spiking splashing

I'm sure Emily was delighted to have Isaac share the tube with her like this.  :)

My mom, Emily, and I got to spend several blissful hours at Southlake on Saturday.
I said, "This feels like a mini-vacation!"… because it really did.

And, a Bergstrom family tradition…lunch at Mac's after church

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July Fun!

Fourth of July
We started our Fourth of July with the Trophy Club parade with my mom.
It makes me laugh how Emma closes her eyes like this now when she's saying "cheese" for a picture.

Horses!  Of course, Isaac's favorite part of the parade.
After the parade, we went to my parent's house to swim.  Uncle Nate came, too!
Emma used to be so shy around Nate, but now she can't get enough of him!
Neither can Isaac!

After lunch & more swimming, the kids took long naps.  Then, we headed over to our friend's house for dinner.
Look at these little firecrackers!  Isaac's face is about as red as his shirt.  :)

We all drove up to Lake Grapevine to watch the fireworks! 
The boys had fun hunting for grasshoppers.  Isaac kept saying, "I found a green one!  And green is my favorite color!
Emma crawled into the double stroller and made baby Amelia giggle.
Thankful for this great crew of friends!

As soon as the fireworks started, we realized we were in the wrong spot.  There was a large bank of trees across the lake that was blocking most of the fireworks, and we could see just the top of each firework.  So, we packed up all six kids (no small feat!) and quickly drove to a nearby neighborhood where we could see them at the end of the street.  The kids thought it was pretty special to sit on top of the van!  
(Dave called this our redneck Fourth of July.)  
 Even though fireworks didn't quite go as planned, we still had a lot of fun with the Sawyers.  It was definitely a night of fireworks we won't forget.  :)

On our way home, Dave remembered that we had a few sparklers left over from my sister's wedding nearly two years ago.  I thought Isaac & Emma would fall asleep on the way home from Grapevine, but they were still wide awake.  We told them to wait in the driveway for a surprise.  While Dave and I grabbed the sparklers and started to light them, I checked on the kids.  They were sitting on the driveway and waiting so patiently.


11:30 at night on the Fourth of July, and my kids are doing "cheers" with their sparklers.  
I'd say that makes for a great Fourth!
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