Monday, October 12, 2015

Josiah Dodge: 7 Months Old

Look at this cutie!  We are crazy about him!

At 7 months, Josiah wears size 3 diapers and both 6 & 9 month clothing.  He generally sleeps 10 hours a night with 3 naps throughout the day.  The most exciting things that happened this last month in Josiah's world are eating and rolling!  
One evening last week, we were all eating dinner, and Josiah was squirmy, antsy, and so curious.  It seemed like he wanted to join us!  I had a baked sweet potato on my plate, so I dug a baby spoon out of the cupboard and gave him a few bites.  He loved it!  Since then, he's had avocado (his very favorite), banana, and applesauce (absolutely hates!). 

Josiah also started rolling from back to tummy.  He had only previously done tummy to back.  Today, he rolled a 360 without stopping!  Isaac and Emma love to "help" him roll...ha!  He gets a lot of "assistance" and "encouragement" from them.  

Josiah has also started echoing us when we coo or blow bubbles to him....he tries so hard to blow bubbles and is getting pretty good at them!

We love this little pumpkin!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

We had three showings on Saturday, so Dave suggested we go to the pumpkin patch.  I thought it was the perfect suggestion!  We usually go to the pumpkin patch during the week, so Dave has never been with us in the past.  Cooler, gorgeous weather has finally come to North Texas, and we are absolutely loving it!  

Emma and Isaac with the Paw Patrol characters--their new favorite show!

We didn't go to the pumpkin patch last year since I was on bedrest.  This pumpkin airplane was a new  addition!  

~my favorite little pumpkins~

Fall is just my favorite!  I loved this day so much.

Emma took the conductor's instructions to "wave at everybody you see" very seriously....she waved nearly the whole ride!  :)

We had one very tired baby boy by lunchtime.  

But, Josiah woke up in time for a big smile in our traditional spot for every baby.  :)
Time flies so quickly.  I love these babies!

I also took Emma & her friend, Tatem, to Homestead Farm last Thursday as part of their homeschool preschool.  They had so much fun in the corn pit and on the teeter-totter!  We also saw pigs, goats, & chickens.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

every little life is worth our effort

David and I have been absolutely appalled & sickened at the Planned Parenthood videos that have been released this summer. The videos are shocking, but what we find equally shocking is how many Americans haven't heard about or seen the videos. We believe that we are accountable for what we do with information once we know it, and we are urging all our family and friends to not let this opportunity pass by. I know that not everyone who reads this will share our pro-life stance, but I think most would agree that selling body parts of aborted babies is absolutely wrong. 

The US House is voting this week on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. We urge you to follow this link and fill out a very easy form which will email your representative and ask them to support this bill. (It took me less than 1 minute as it finds your representative for you. We strongly believe that even one little life is worth the few moments this will take.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Josiah Dodge: 6 Months

At 6 months, Josiah weighs 15 1/2 pounds.  He wears 6 & 9 month clothing and is still in size 2 diapers.  

Look at these two cuties!  
Josiah met his cousin, Briggs, earlier this month when we had a Rinn Reunion in Texas!  Briggs is 9 days older than Josiah.

Josiah was sleeping until 4 or 5am each night until late June, and then everything changed!  I blamed it on a "4 month sleep regression" that I read about...but, who knows!?!  (David and I sure didn't!) Since then, Josiah only fell asleep when we walked him.  Then, we would carefully lay him down in the bassinet and tiptoe out and hope he'd stay asleep!  Neither of us were sleeping well at all...two weeks ago, I fell asleep nursing him in the glider in the middle of the night.  When I woke up an hour later, I stood up only to have my ankle buckle underneath me.  Both Josiah and I ended up on the floor!  Thankfully, only I was hurt with a sprained ankle.  I shudder to think of Josiah being hurt worse when we fell.  

Last week Dave said, "That's it! He has to learn to sleep on his own!" I was encouraged by my two friends, Corrie and Summer, who both have baby boys around the same age as Josiah.  We started a new routine, and it has worked perfectly!  The longest he cried was 8 minutes, and that was only on the first night of laying him down to sleep on his own.  Josiah immediately started sleeping  7 hours a night before waking to eat, and he's been taking 3 good naps a day!  I keep telling Dave how thankful I am that he made us do this...we all needed it!  And, how cute is Josiah in his little space suit?  I have no idea if this really helps or not, but I'm going with it since he's sleeping so beautifully now.

A few more pictures of Josiah and his two biggest fans...
I am really enjoying my mornings with Emma and Josiah while Isaac is at kindergarten.  Emma loves to help get diapers and wipes for Josiah.  She really loves to be right in his face and talk to him.  :)

Isaac goes through his to-do list so quickly each morning so that he can spend a little bit of time with Josiah before we take him to kindergarten.  And, he loves reading to him and playing by him in the afternoons. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Our Trip to Colorado (Steamboat Springs)

David took off for Colorado on Friday night with Isaac and Emma.  We had all planned on driving; but, the week of our trip Dave concocted a new plan for me to fly with the baby since Josiah hates his carseat so much.  It is so stressful to listen to him scream even from our house to church...much less from our house to Colorado!  It was a genius plan.  :)  

Josiah and I spent the night at my parent's house after seeing Dave and the bigs off on their road trip!
Josiah and Pop snuggling on Saturday morning

It was my mom's birthday on Saturday, and we had such a fun and relaxing morning eating breakfast, chatting, and cuddling baby Josiah.  
ready for takeoff~Josiah's first flight!
I'm pretty sure nobody even knew there was a baby on board!  I brought a bottle for Josiah, and he was completely quiet the entire flight!

While we were flying to Denver, Dave and the kids took a break from driving in Colorado Springs and explored Garden of the Gods.

They picked Josiah and me up in Denver, and we drove to Steamboat.  We arrived at Nana and Papa's just a few minutes after midnight.
Despite getting in at midnight, Isaac and Emma were up so early the next morning.  I found them upstairs, where they had dressed themselves after finding and opening their suitcases!  Isaac wore this cowboy hat nearly the entire time we were at Papa and Nana's.

Nana and Josiah snuggling at church

Emma and Isaac found some of Dave's toy guns from childhood and were on the hunt for bears.  :)

discovering toys that belonged to Daddy, Uncle Jon, and Uncle Mike when they were little

We went down to the library, park and river the next morning.  Isaac and Emma loved crawling around on the rocks at the river's edge.  We thought it was a little chilly and were bundled up in our sweatshirts!
Look at this smiley guy!  Nana borrowed a swing from the church since the swing is pretty much Josiah's favorite place to be. 
a rainbow after the rain shower

On Tuesday morning, we went down to the ski mountain where the kids had a blast playing in this creek.  The water was ice cold, but Isaac definitely didn't mind!

Nana's music box is a favorite!  I love this picture of my boys.

We attended an African drumming and dance concert on Tuesday evening.  My kids loved it, and Isaac still loves to dance "the way the Africans do"--it was loud and lots of fun!  :)

This is real life.  :)

After the concert, Papa and Nana watched our kids so we could go on a date!  

Tim let Dave take his Porsche, which Dave loved driving.  We drove around Steamboat until sunset (beautiful!), and then we had dinner at the Ore House.

early mornings with this sweetie--I think he looked so cute in his pajamas (which he never wears in the Texas summer)

We went to Fish Creek Falls on Wednesday morning.

You can see Fish Creek Falls behind us in this picture.  

Isaac and Emma loved playing in the water, and Isaac found many new rocks to add to his ever-growing rock collection.

We loved eating outside in the beautiful weather!

s'mores with Papa at the fire pit

Susie took Isaac on an afternoon date to pan for gold and play mini-golf.  Isaac had never played mini-golf before, and he was so proud because he got a hole-in-one!  

We love you, Papa and Nana!

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