Monday, January 28, 2013

Tot School: Winter

So, it's 70 degrees outside, but we've still had a lot of fun working on winter activities during our school time.    Since I'm from Minnesota, I feel I need to pass on some knowledge of winter to my Texas boy.  :)  And, we have already had snow twice in north Texas this winter...maybe we'll get snow one more time before it gets warm for good?

Today, I'm linking up with Tot School Gathering Place to share our winter activities.

Marshmallow Race
One morning, we had a "marshmallow race"--I love Isaac's silly smile in these pictures.  He was so focused! I put a few marshmallows on his spoon as he stood in the family room, and then he carefully walked through the entry where he dropped them into his hot chocolate.  Isaac loves hot chocolate, so he didn't want to do too many "races" before drinking the hot chocolate.  :)

(I found the idea for a marshmallow race somewhere online, but have no idea where!)

Marshmallow Painting
 After gluing this snowman on paper and adding his eyes, hat, and buttons, Isaac used a marshmallow as a paintbrush to dot snowflakes all around the snowman.
 Of course, by the end of this activity there was also paint on Isaac.  :)

Snowman Snacks
Isaac had a "build-a-snowman" snack one day.  I filled muffin liners with different foods (chocolate chips, strawberries, raisins, banana slices) that he arranged on the snowman's head (a bowl of yogurt).
(Idea from The Iowa Farmer's Wife here)

And, this is another snowman snack we had.  (Idea from here)

Snowy Letters
We have been spending a lot of time working on letter recognition.  I wrote Isaac's name in glue on a piece of foam, and then he sprinkled "snow" (shredded coconut) over it.
(idea adapted from here)

Winter  Books
And, we love to read!   Lately, we've been reading
Winter in the Big Woods

White Snow, Bright Snow
Katy and the Big Snow
Katy & the Big Snow
Isaac loves listening to an audio recording of Katy and the Big Snow while playing with this pretend snow.
 Our audio recording of Katy and the Big Snow was part of this activity kit that Isaac received from his Uncle Jon for his birthday.  We have listened to it over and over!

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  1. These look like awesome activities! I love that you used shredded coconut for snow. It looks so good!


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