Monday, May 13, 2013

Now I Know My ABCs: Part 1

Today, I am linking up with Tot School Gathering Place to share a few activities that I have done with Isaac recently to work on letter recognition and letter sounds.  These activities are not elaborate--I have really been trying to only use materials that we already have at home.  (If you saw my craft cupboards, you'd know why!) :)  

Isaac has been very interested in letters over the past half year or so, so I've been running with it--plus, I have a lot of fun teaching him.  :)  

Letter Pop
I wrote letters with a Sharpie marker on individual bubbles of bubble wrap.  I tried to find a place to hang or tape it outside, but none of the tape was sticking well...and, I was pretty sure that he could dent our garage door if I hung it up there and let him hammer away.  :)   So, I anchored it down on the driveway with a few heavy things I found in the garage (no idea!) and let Isaac play!  

I simply called out a letter and let Isaac hammer that bubble until it popped...within a minute, he discovered that stepping on the bubble popped it even faster.  :)

Dot Paints
I randomly wrote letters on construction paper and had Isaac dot them out as I called out different letters.  
(This is a perfect activity to do while you're making dinner!)  :)

Clothespin Letters

 I wrote Isaac's name on a notecard and then also wrote each letter on a clothespin.  Isaac pins each clothespin onto the notecard.  This is a great small-motor activity for his little hands!  This last week I added our last name with clothespins to the bottom side of the card.  Isaac usually does this while I'm getting breakfast ready or while I'm setting up our school activities.  (I can't remember the blog where I originally found this idea.)

Magnetized Scrabble Letters
 Several years ago, my friend gave us magnetized Scrabble letters that spell each of our first names.  I used a overhead projector marker and wrote letters all over our refrigerator, and then Isaac covered them up with the Scrabble tiles.  (This would also work with the letter magnets that are at Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target.  Here's an Etsy shop that sells similar Scrabble tiles.)

Here are a few letter and alphabet books and videos that Isaac loves especially likes:
The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary

B is for Bulldozer

Boz the Bear: BOZs and 123s

Letter Factory

Little Buds ABC

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I love outdoor learning activities, and this is especially fun! I featured your post the other day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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